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Volume 33, No.1 Quarterly, January 2019 to March 2019                                        Download Volume 33, No. 1


      • Solutions To Manage Models Of Mass Sports In Hanoi, Vietnam-Chung Nguyen Dinh, Phuong Nguyen Thi Xuan, Xuan Hien Nguyen Pg - 1-4
      • The Role of Media in Promotion of Sports and Games of Hyderabad-B.Laxmaiah,Prof.Rajesh Kumar Pg -5-8
      • Study Of Physical Tests In The Selection Of 8 - 11 Year Old Male Table Tennis Players In Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam- Nguyen Quang Son, Nguyen Quang Vinh Pg -9-12
      • Mentoring in Youth Sports To Facilitate Youth Development Through Learning - Lee Kwan Meng Pg -13-16
      • Socio-Cultural Factors and Attitudes of Maguindanao Women in Relation to Physical Activity Participation-Luzbeth E. Ochia-Deanon Pg -17-21
      • Individual Event In A Team Sport Whilst Keeping The Number Of Parties In Order To Define The Player-Generated Result -A.A. Polozov Pg -22-29
      • Physical condition Based on Nutrition and fitness of lecturers, International Students and Tutors in Yogyakarta State University-Japhet Ndayisenga, Siswantoyo Pg -30-35
      • Comparative study on Morphological Variables of Mangalore University and Mysore University Kabaddi Players- Dr. Kishore Kumar.C.K.Chidananda.A Pg -36-37
      • A Study Of Motor Fitness Components Between Softball And Hockey Players Of Uttar Pradesh-Dr Ramneek Jain Pg -38-41
      • Competition Anxiety in Relation to Dance Performance-Michelle M. Layao Pg -42-45
      • A Study on the Criteria for Measuring the Physical Fitness among different Players-Dr.Pulluri Sreenivas Goud Pg -46-50
      • A Study On Professional Mind Set-Up Of Female Physical Education Teachers In High School And Colleges-Dr. Kishore Kumar C. K Roopathi .M Pg -51-53
      • Comparative Study On Sports Achievements Of Male And Female B.Ped And M.Ped Students Of Mangalore University 2017-18-Dr. Keshava Murthy,Kirana Kumara A S Pg -54-56
      • Anthropometric and Physical Fitness Profiles of Ethiopian University Basketball Players-Tariku Assefa , Ashok Kumar Pg -57-62
      • Comparative Study On Speed Among The Government And Private School Cricket Players In Vizianagaram District Of Andhra Pradesh -Dr. Ramakrishna Pokala Pg -63-64
      • The Effect Of Selected Therapeutic Exercises For Management Of Type Ii Diabetes In The Case Of Arba Minch General Hospital –Wondifrawu Workineh, MollaDeyou, Wondiye Aychiluhim Pg -65-71
      • A Study of the cognitive level and some basic skills in basketball among secondary students according to gender and intelligence variables-Ahcene Ahmed, Mokrani Djamel, Benzidane Houcine Pg -72-77
      • Physical movement and basic motor skills of first grade pupils at Trang Ha Primary School, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province as a result of exercises with simple tools -Khanh Thu Dinh, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Loan Le Thi Phuong, Cong Dao Nguyen Pg -78-82
      • Fitness Customers Satisfaction towards Fitness Center Services in Central and Northwest Ethiopia - Alemayehu Belay Mengistie Pg -83-86
      • Athletes Perception of Motivation and Coaching Effectiveness in Youth Football Projects residing in Northwest Amhara Region, Ethiopia -Alemayehu Belay Pg -87-91
      • Status Quo and Problems in the Management of High-level Athletes in Sichuan Province, China -Tang Yudong ,Moho Salleh Aman,Lim Boon Hooi Pg -92-94
      • The challenges that hinder the development of women’s football in Ethiopia(under the title of The Challenges that Hinder the Development of Women Football in Ethiopia)-Haileyesus Bazezew, Bezabih Woldie, Teketel Abreha Pg -95-100
      • Step Aerobics Is The Best -Dr.R. Vidhya Sree Pg -101-104
      • Analysis On Speed Among Engineering Students In Different Districts And Different Age Categories - Mr.N.Rajendra , Dr. S. Chan Basha Pg -105-107
      • Sports in India: Problems, Reform Measures and Remedial Initiatives:B. Gowri Naidu, Dr. Ch.S.R.Naveen Kumar Pg -108-110
      • Scientific Analysis Of Cardio Respiratory Endurance Among The Physical Education Students In Different Universities Of Rayalaseema Region -E. Raju ,Dr. S. Chan Basha Pg -111-114
      • Importance Of Play On Developmental Stages-Mrs. Deshaboina Divya Bharathi Pg -115-118
      • Stress And Anxiety: Sources, Coping Methods, Types, Manifestations,Tips And Management -Mrs.Deshaboina Divya Bharathi Pg -119-120
      • Stress in Individual Sports and Team Games -Dr. Kishore Kumar C. K,Radha Krishna H.B. Pg -121-122