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Volume 30, No.1 Quarterly, April 2018 to June 2018                                        Download Volume 30, No. 1


  • Burn out Among Sports Persons At Inter-College And Inter-University Levels Competition - Prof (Dr). Gurmeet Singh,Mrs. Rajeshwarpal Kaur Pg-1-6

  • Psychological Characteristics Of Inter-College And Inter-University Level Female Athletes -Prof (Dr). Gurmeet Singh,Mrs. Avinash Kaur Pg-7-11

  • The Efficacy Of Plyometric Training On Speed And Power Production Among Youth Basketball Players -Alemmebrat Kiflu Adane (Dr.) Pg-12-16

  • The Level Of Martabe (Maratabat/Sipug/Malatabat) On Sportsmanship Among Muslim Athletes Of Mindanao State University System -Abdulrasid T. Lucman Pg-17-21

  • Comparative Analysis Of Agility Performance Among Inter District Level Hockey Players - Dr. K.Shanthi Pg-22-25

  • Physical Education Curriculum in Standard-Based and Competency-Based Education. - Jem Cloyd M. Tanucan ,Ma.Rosita A.Hernani Pg-26-33

  • A Comparative Study of Sports Injuries among Rural & Urban Female Long Distance Runners -Miss.Priyanka P. Sulakhe Pg-34-36

  • Analysis Of Muscular Endurance Between Rural And Urban Junior College Boys In Different Age Categories -K.Sreenivasulu ,N.Rajendra,Dr. S. Chan Basha Pg-37-39

  • A Study On Emotional intelligence And Adjustment Of Sports Personality -Shobha K.S ,Dr.J.S.Pattankar, Dr Prasanna B. K Pg-40-42

  • A Comparative Study On Body Mass Index And Physical Fitness Variables Between Female Physical Education And Non Physical Education Students Of Mangalore University -Dr .Kishore Kumar.C.K.,Chidananda Pg-43-45

  • Effect Of Exercise On Human Body -Ramesha H.N. Pg-46-47

  • About The Cycling Coaching Knowledge And Skills For Better Performances-Dr. Bharat Z. Patel Pg-48-49

  • A Study of Sprinter’s Stride Length, Knee Movement And Body Line During 100m Of Maintenance Period -Sourabh Pradhan Pg-50-51

  • Effect of Yogasanas on Selected Health Related Physical Fitness, Physiological and Hematological Variables of High School Kho-Kho Players-Mrs. V. Vijayakumari,Prof. Syed Kareemulla Pg-52-54

  • Impact Of Extramural Competitions On Anxiety Aggression And Achievement Motivation Among Hockey, Volley Ball And Kabaddi College Men Players Mr. Rajampeta Narasimhachari , Prof. Syed Kareemulla, Pg-55-57

  • Prevalence of Osteoarthritis in Chhattisgarh -Amit Verma Pg-58-59

  • Evaluations of changes in physical fitness with respect to the onset of menarche in girls - A pilot study -Dr. Geeta Thakur Pg-60-62

  • Comparison Of Mental Toughness Between National Level and State Level Male Boxing Players -Jaswinder Singh Pg-63-66

  • Thirumoolar's Siva Yoga And Vedathri Maharishi's Sky Yoga- A Comparative Review -K.E. Meenakshi , Dr. V. Ponnuswamy Pg-67-71

  • Whole Body Vibration Training for Body Fat Management and Musculoskeletal Function: A Thematic Review -Chalachew Chekol Derseh Pg-72-76

  • A Study On Anxiety Among High Medium And Overachievers Of Men Volleyball Players - G.V.Pavan Kumar Raju, Dr.P.Johnson,Pg-77-81

  • Construction of Selected Health Related Physical Fitness Norms for High School Boys in Bangalore City -Mr. Byregowda. N,Prof. Syed Kareemulla, Pg-82-83

  • Sports law And Legal Protection Awareness among Sports Organizer And Coaches -Visminda L Detalla Pg-84-88

  • Effect of Harness Training and Circuit Training on Selected Skills and Fitness Components of High School Foot ball Players -Mr. P.Prabhakar Rao,Prof. Syed Kareemulla, Pg-89-91

  • Attitude Of Doping Among Ethiopian Professional Middle And Long Distance Runners -Dr. Mesay Desalegn, Mr. Temesgen Haile, Mr. Mohammed Endris, Mr. Daniel Agegnehu, Mr. Ali Walle, Mr. Osman Abubeker Pg-92-97

  • The Prevalence and Practice of Cultural Games for Modern Sport Development: In the case of Amhara Region, Ethiopia -Dr. Teketel Abrham Kabiso Pg-98-101

  • Knowledge Of Doping Among Ethiopian Professional Middle And Long Distance Runners -Mr. Temesgen Haile,Mr. Yohannes Andargachew Pg-102-107

  • Evaluate the Placements and displacements of the Basket Ball Players and his contribution on decision making in the official Competitions (Predictive Analytical Approach) -Dr. Ibouchoukene Mohamed,Dr. Benhamed Mohamed,Dr. Larbi Mohamed,Pr. Labane Karim Pg-108-111

  • Anthropometric Relationship of State and National level Power Lifters –Dr Geeta Thakur Pg-112-114

  • Role of Sports in developing the Personality of Students of Osmania University,Hyderabad -Prof.Rajesh Kumar,Prof.L.B.Laxmikanth Rathod Prof.K.Deepla Pg-115-116