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Volume 52, No.1 Quarterly, January 2024 to March 2024                                         Download Volume 52, No. 1


        Research Articles :
      • Analysis of physiological fitness among Vietnamese elite female road cyclists - Pham Thanh Tu, Vo Quoc Thang, Bui Trong Toai, Nguyen Thanh Le Tram, Vo Chau Tuong -Pg -1
      • A study on body mass index level of South Zone Inter-University Male Kho-Kho players of Karnataka state - H. N. Ramesha, C. K. Kishore Kumar-Pg -7
      • Program evaluation of the bachelor of science in exercise and sports science: A development plan - Ariston Alex M. Torres -Pg -12
      • Impact of circuit training on playing abilities of elite Kho-Kho players - Ramavath Parakash*, L. B. Laxmikanth Rathod -Pg -27
      • A assessment on sports injuries among sprinters and long jumpers of Hyderabad district - Rajesh Kumar, T. Vijaya Sagar -Pg -31
      • Effect of different breathing exercises on sports’ imaginary ability of female students in university college, Jaffna - K. Ketheeswaran, V. Raguvarman -Pg -34
      • Physical and psychological parameters variability after yogic and meditation practices: A prospective randomized comparative trial of soccer players - K. Ketheeswaran, K. A. Ramesh -Pg -37
      • Survey on the current situation of physical education program at the People’s Security University, Vietnam - Bui Tran Khanh, Le Thiet Can, Le Hoang Ngan -Pg -42
      • Behind the screen: Exploring habit formation of student-athletes during online training - Carl Vincent O. Manding, Joram Kim B. Corcuera -Pg -47