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Volume 26, No.1 Quarterly, April 2017 to June 2017                                                       Download Journal

                                                                                                                                     Workshop Journal

  • Factors That Hinder The Development And Promotion Of Youth Football Team Players In To The Main Club: The Case Of Bahir Dar Kenema “B”Football Team -Haileyesus Bazezew Belete Pg-1-4

  • Conduct and Evaluation of Impact of Nutrition Education on the Knowledge of Selected Sports Women -Dr Rani George Pg-5-8

  • A Comparative Study On Eating Disorder Among Males And Females Shooters -Shalika Srivastava, Mahak Sharma, Barkha Bhatnagar Pg-9-11

  • The Technical-Tactical Statistical performance of Ethiopian male soccer national team and its success prediction capacity (The 4th Africans Championship (CHAN): Rwanda 2016) -Belayneh Chekle Admassu Pg-12-16

  • A Boon for Cholesterol Reduction on Volleyball Players and Non-Volleyball Players -Mr. Syed Yunus Dharward, Dr. L.S. Biradar Pg-17-18

  • A Tracer Study Of The Graduates Of Sport Academy In The Years 2010-2015 Zemenu Teshome Pg-19-25

  • Importance of Nutrition And Diet For Sports person -Dr.Rajashekhar, M. Hiremath Pg-26-28

  • Problems, Memories and Olympic legacy in Olympic Movement-Shakeel Ahmad Shahid. Pg-29-33

  • Family type and its Impact on Sportspersons Disordered Personality-Prof. C.D. Agashe, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya Pg-34-36

  • The Effect Of Soccer Coaching Leadership Behavior On Players’ Team Cohesion In The Case Of Amhara National League Football Clubs -Astatkie Bogale Kebede, Pg-37-41

  • Challenges and Experiences on Inclusive Physical Education: The Case of Bahir Dar Elementary Schools.-Berhanie Asrat Bekele Pg-42-49

  • A Comparative Study Of Aggressive Behaviour Among Wrestlers In Yoga Mr Gangadhar .T Pg-50-52

  • Psychological characteristics of 2016 Olympic champion shooter:a case study investigation of Vietnamese athlete-Vu Viet Bao, Pham Thi Hien, Le Nguyet Nga,Le Quy Phuong Pg-53-57

  • Impact Of Combined Strength And Endurance Training On Muscular Strength Endurance On Basket Ball Inter University Players -Dr. Ramneek Jain Pg-58-61

  • The Effect of yogic practices on selected Psychological, Skill and Motor Related Physical variables of college Women Hockey and Basket ball players -Aparna Alva.N, Gerald Santhosh D’souza, Pg-62-64

  • The Relationship Between Self-Concept And Interpersonal Competence Inpaf Uny Athletesin Women Futsal Super League 2016 Championship-Komarudin Pg-65-68

  • Takraw’s Thailand League Sports Management Model -Pawares Phantayuth, Issadee Kutintara, Pongsak Swatdikiat, Pg-69-71

  • The Management Model Of Regional Sport Science Center -Athiwat Dokmaikhao, Issadee Kutintara, Vullee Bhatharobhas Pg-72-76

  • The Perception Of Physical Educationists Towards Sports Development Schemes Of UGC, New Delhi- India -Thakur Rahul Pg-77-81

  • Adaptations Of Physiological State After 5- Over Bowling Spell In Cricket: A Pilot Study-Sk. Mimu,Dr. Abhijit Thander Pg-82-84

  • Psychological Variable Among Women athletes At Inter Collegiate Level Of Competition In Hyderabad- Dr.Mrs. G. Vimala Reddy Pg-85-86

  • The Management Model Of Thailand Institute Of Sports Science-Poonyavee Chooumnaj, Somchai Prasertsiripan, Supitr Samahito Pg-87-90

  • Effect of Weight Training Exercises for development of Speed among High jumpers of Hyderabad in India -Prof.Rajesh Kumar, Prof. B.Sunil Kumar Pg-91-92

  • Comparative Study of Speed and Explosive Strength among Sepak Takraw Players and Volley Ball Players of Osmania University in India – Prof.Loka Bavoji Laxmikanth Rathod, Prof.K.Deepla Pg-93-94

  • Relationship between Internet Competency and Academic Achievement of Physical Education Trainee Students in professional Colleges, Andhra Pradesh. -B.Gowri Naidu, Dr.A.Pallavi Pg-95-100

  • A Comparative Study Of Body Mass Index Between fast Bowlers And Slow Bowlers In Cricket -Bhupender Kumar, Dr. Amandeep Kaur , Dr. Mandeep Thour Pg-101-103

  • Analytical Study of Skill in Kabaddi-Dr. Tanuja S. Raut ,Dr. Rajesh Kumar Das Pg-104-107

  • Sprint Fatigue Index of Youth and senior Kabaddi Players -Mahesh R.Patil Pg-108-110

  • Physical Fitness Model For Kindergarten -Rumini, Winda Prasepty, Agus Widodo Suripto Pg-111-116

  • Comparative Study of Speed among Volley Ball Players and Kabbadi Players of Mahabubnagar District -Dr.K.Satya Bhaskar Reddy Pg-117-118

  • Effect of Surya Namaskar Exercises on Physiological Variables of College Students -Mahesh Koram Pg-119-120

  • Effectiveness Of The Rehabiliation Program Using The Acupressure On The Electrical Activity Of The Spine Muscles Of The Handball Players With Lower Back Pain -Dr. Nasser Khalid Abdul Razzaq,Dr. Khaleel Ismael Attallah,Seezar Suheir Ibrahim Pg-121-126

  • The Influence Of Exercise Method, Cooperative Attitude, And Sex Types On Volleyball Playing Skill(An Experimental Study On Students Of State Vocational High School 4 Kendal)-Joko Pranawa Adi, Soegiyanto, Sugiharto, Setya Rahayu, Siti Baitul Mukarromah Pg-127-135

  • Evaluating the practice and challenges of per-led learning on sport science students’, Bahir Dar University - Wondimagegnshewangizaw Pg-136-138