International Journal Of Health, Physical Education & Computer Science In Sports
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Online Quarterly Journal – March, June, September and December       ISRA Journal Impact Factor : 7.217
Published by Indian Federation of Computer Science in Sports





Call for Papers

The International Journal of Health, Physical Education and Computer Science in sports is an open access journal that provides rapid publication (Quarterly) on all areas in Health, Physical Education and Computer Science in sports. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of significance and scientific excellence. The articles must be original and should be submitted as an attachment to editorial manuscript The timesnew roman Title font size 14 and other matter in font size 12 must be sent by attachment before 20th of March, June, September and December in not more than 5 pages.

Format of Articles:

  • All the portion of the manuscript must be typed doubled spaced and numbering starting from the title page.

  • The Title should be in Capital Letters. Title should include the author’s full names and affiliations along with present address and E-mail.

  • The Abstract should be informative and it should not be more than 200 words.

  • Following the abstract, about 3 to 10 key words that will provide references should be listed.

  • The Introduction should provide a clear statement of the literature on the subject.

  • Methodology/Main Test.

  • Results and Discussion. Results should be presented with clarity and precision. The discussion should interpret the findings.

  • Conclusion.

  • Recommendations.

  • References.

  • Acknowledgement.


Submission of manuscript implies that the work has not published before or that it is not under consideration for elsewhere. That if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication authors must agree to automatic transfer of the copy right to the publishers and the publication article will be open access.